When the spring comes Visiting

When the spring comes visiting,

I shall put on my most colorful clothes

And go on a serenade greeting the youngest of the seasons.

I shall plant a new seed,

and adopt the baby plant

And nurture it as one of my own womb.

When the spring comes visiting,

I shall put two small bowls outside my windowsill,

One with water and one with grains, 

So that my winged friends may rest and dine

after their long flights.

I shall keep my home sparkly clean,

Make an apple pie and pour some golden juice of the fruit

And lay my tables and set up a feast,

for the youngest of the seasons.

When Spring comes visiting,

I shall finally stop being grumpy and moody

And just be cheery all the time

Like the bright colorful butterflies.

I sit on my chair on this lovely morning,

Thinking all these lovely thoughts.

And as I gaze out my window,

Lo and behold! The Spring is here!

Dressed in Pink with an Emerald crown,

An entourage of ladybugs,

In a chariot made of buttercups,

The fair little maiden of Spring comes!

Spreading color and spreading joy,

Melting away the gloom of snow,

Letting in the warmth of Sun,

She made my day, a happy day. Image