When an apparent private joke becomes real!

The idea of Rip van Winkle Syndrome had always existed as a private joke in my head. Out of shear curiosity to find out whether this humble attempt of mine to become a writer has succeeded, I tried ‘googling’ the title of my first post. And guess what I found? That there is a neurological condition that is actually called as Rip van Winkle Syndrome! Now, that is something that proves that many minds think alike!
So, what exactly is the real Rip van Winkle Syndrome? Is it excessive sleeping? Apparently no! It is the name given to a condition that results in dementia in the elderly and this dementia is mostly characterized with one major feature- the patients are stuck in time! Just like how our bearded Dutch hero proclaimed to be a loyal subject of the king, after the American revolution occurred! Well, can’t blame him, he slept through it all…..
The difference between the real patients who suffer from the condition and our character is that our patients are in the situation due to their memories getting frozen in time as a result of stroke. Now, I’m uncertain as to how that happens or which part of the brain it exactly affects etc., but I shall endeavour to find that out, with the help of our beloved Google, if active research is being conducted on this exotic sounding dementia.


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