What am I?

Creative writing classes at school always tried to drill the importance of introduction before the beginning of anything. Hence this introduction to myself.

Just like any normal human, I too am a being of the mammalian species Homo sapiensapien. A female individual of the species. But, I generally like to equate myself with a lot of other things than humans, in fact, often an eerie thought crosses my mind, that other organisms on planet Earth are more trustworthy than humans. Sometimes I am a pensive pansy, other times I am a kitten looking out for a cuddle. Presently, I am an earthworm trying to make my way through the fallow lands of  my mind and make them fertile.

To be alone in a corner of the world, away from ones family and friends is a curse and a blessing at the same time. On one hand, it makes you try to live a worthwhile life and prove to the world which has been trying to undermine you all your life, that you are much more than another biochemical machine composed of junk DNA. It inspires you to try and prove that the mass of jelly inside your head is not just blood and muscle, but a complex electro- bio- chemical machine  that is in perfect working condition. On the other hand this superior thinking machine makes you feel so wretched about your alien surroundings, refuses to let you rest, messes up the activities of the other poor  organs and the list goes on. All because it thinks that being away from home is equal to being lonely.

I try finding solace in books. I have always been a hermit crab all my life, preferring to curl up with a book rather than to go for a game of ‘lock and key’. In its perceived loneliness, my brain refuses to acknowledge books now. Rather it prefers to mundanely flick through social networking sites and go into more silence looking at the happiness in the lives of those it is acquainted with. Why oh why can’t life be simpler?

Recognizing the dreams of my life may have took me far away from my dear ones, but I shall always survive this labyrinth of self doubt and confusion and loneliness. If not, then do I even have the right to claim that I had dreamt so?? Image


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